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文殊 Monju
Anime Naruto Episode #209
Appears in Anime
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Gender Gender Male Male
Status Presumed Deceased


Monju (文殊, Monju) was a member of the criminal group Shinobazu.


Monju was shown to have a rather sly, and merciless attitude. Even in a small skirmish with Akio, Monju beat him, tied him up with metal wires, and threatened to kill him in order to interrogate Gantetsu. Even when Naruto Uzumaki and Todoroki were caught in his special metal wires that tighten up as the temperature increases, Monju simply left with a captured Gantetsu with list giggling.


Monju's appearance was somewhat feminine. He has short, light-blue hair that is held back by a hairband. He also wore shorts and a purple tank top showcasing a unique symbol, and orange armbands. Unlike most shinobi who wear sandals, he wore brown boots. Monju also has feminine finger nails.


Wire-Based Techniques

File:Wire Cage.JPG

Monju's fighting style involved the manipulation of metal wires, and he was proficient on various wire-based techniques. Using chakra to increase the sharpness of the wires he could cut through thick doors, walls and even a large boat with ease. He also could use the wires to bind and immobilise his opponents, proving to be efficient with traps. When he wrapped an opponent in his metal wires, he could use a technique to make the wires shrink the warmer the temperature got, slicing up his opponent, or he could simply squeeze them as a torture method. To protect himself from physical attacks, he could also form a wire cage, which is effective against most taijutsu attacks. The only weakness of his wires seems to be humidity, as it made them weak enough for Naruto Uzumaki to chew through.

Part I

Shinobazu Arc


Monju, along with the other members of the Shinobazu, was shown breaking into a house, killing the family within it and burning it down shortly after stealing it's goods. Later, as part of his mission to capture Gantetsu, he was shown slicing a boat in two using the wire-based technique, Murderous Grasp.[1] A day after the unsuccessful attempt of breaking Gantetsu out of captivity, he managed to capture him in a net made of metal wires, leaving Todoroki and Naruto Uzumaki in a cluster of wires that tighten up as the temperature increases. As Monju ventures out through the forest with the now captured Gantetsu, he passes by the kids that Gantetsu had saved from Shinobazu's raids, prompting Gantetsu to struggle and break the net off the zipline that the net was attached to. Monju then landed beside Gantetsu, proceeding to lock himself in his Wire Cage and interrogate Gantetsu. With Akio and Gantetsu under the oppression of Monju, both Naruto and Todoroki, who had recently escaped from Monju's wires, show up.

Naurto makes a foolish attempt in trying to chew up the wires of Monju's wire-cage, considering that sweat and saliva are the wire's weaknesses. This results in the cage being turned upon Naruto, leaving him tied up and later crushed in a cluster of wires. This, however, was a shadow clone, where as Naruto emerges from the ground and punches Monju, sending him flying back. Having to break the impact, Monju wraps wires around two trees and flings himself towards Naruto with intents to commence battle. Instead, Monju was halted by the two clones that grabbed a hold of his wires, and then gets knocked out by another bundle of clones. Shura, the leader of Shinobazu glides down from the sky on his Umbrella interrupting the fight. Monju then quickly tells Shura that Akio knew where their treasure was. Seeing this, Rock Lee runs up and kills Monju with Leaf Whirlwind.[2]


  • In Japan, there is a nuclear power-plant named Monju.


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