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{{translation|'''Mo'''|モ|Mo}} is a shinobi from the [[Moyagakure]], and part of the [[Moya Triad]].
{{translation|'''Mo'''|モ|Mo}} is a [[shinobi]] from the [[Moyagakure]], and part of the [[Moya Triad]].
== Background ==
== Background ==

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Moya Triad

(モ, Mo)
Anime Naruto Episode #101
Game Naruto: Path of the Ninja 2
Appears in Anime and Game
Gender Gender Male Male

Mo (モ, Mo) is a shinobi from the Moyagakure, and part of the Moya Triad.

Background Edit

While they do have some ninja skills, Mo and his team prefer doing peculiar things to attract women. Aniki once tried to seduce a woman, who didn't like it, and Kakashi Hatake saved her. This angered Aniki and his team-mates, making them want to kill Kakashi.

Part I Edit

While trying to exact revenge on Kakashi Hatake, their endeavours all fail comically.

Trivia Edit

  • Although his real name is not given, when posing for the Moya Triad, he gave the "Mo" (モ) katakana, which led him to be given the unofficial name "Mo".

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