Mind Body Switch Technique

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Mind Body Switch Technique [1]
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Kanji 心転身の術
Rōmaji Shintenshin no Jutsu
Literal English Mind Body Switch Technique
Viz manga Art of the Valentine
English TV Ninja Art: Mind Transfer Jutsu
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The Mind Body Switch Technique is the signature ability of the Yamanaka clan. Originally, this ninjutsu was suited for intelligence-gathering missions rather than battle.[1] With it, a ninja sends his mind into a target's body supplanting the target's mind with their own. The user transfers their consciousness to the target, giving them complete control of the body for a short period of time. While in control of the body, the user is able to communicate with the target.[2] As the user propels all of their mental energy, the shooting range and number of hits are considerably limited.[1] It is also possible for the user to switch bodies with the target. This has great strategic value when used on a team-mate as neither body is left incapacitated and they may also make use of the user's abilities as well as their own while doing this.[3] To remain inconspicuous when spying, the user can perform this technique on an animal, such as a hawk, which they can use to do aerial reconnaissance.[4]

Normally, their original body is left defenceless while this technique is active, leaving it susceptible to attack until they return. The mind transfer moves in a straight direction and takes some time to return to the user's body if it misses. Because of these reasons, it should only be used on immobilised targets. Similarly, if the opponent's will is strong enough, they can force the user from their body, as Sakura Haruno did to Ino Yamanaka during the Chūnin Exams.[5] Lastly, should any physical injury befall the victim's body while the mind-link is active, it would cause the user's body to also receive those same injuries. This can be rectified if user cancels the technique before the victim's body receives the damage.[6]


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