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  • Mighty Might Guy

    9 messages
    • MilanVukas wrote: By far, Guy has only been using taijutsu and few ninjutsu. As such, I presume his taijutsu is based not on chakra control l...
    • His version of using chakra to enchance his taijutsu is his eight gates ... I personaly like it much more than Tsunade's taijutsu
  • Who's stronger? Kakashi or Guy?

    106 messages
    • CAdoom wrote: Okay I was wrong forgot about Jugo. Why are we not talk about Kakashi vs Guy? Good point. Because you brought up the subject...
    • Judging from the demo, Kakashi's moveset got a major overhaul. And it's about damn time! They barely changed anything from the first Storm game...

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