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editMichiru Tsuki browse_icon.png
(ツキミチル, Tsuki Michiru)

  • Prince Michiru
Movie Naruto the Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom
Appears in Movie only
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male
  • Land of the Moon King

Michiru Tsuki (ツキミチル, Tsuki Michiru, English TV: Prince Michiru) is the current king of the Land of the Moon, who appears in Naruto the Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom


Due to his pampered upbringing, Michiru was spoiled, very dependent on others, and believed that money and materialistic goods is everything. Because of this, he was cheerful most of the time, but would whine childishly when the situation got tough and became helpless. It was only towards the end that he built up the courage to help Naruto defeat Ishidate and Shabadaba, and learn that money is not everything.


Michiru is a large overweight man, but his initial girth aside he stands as tall as Kakashi Hatake. After a period of exercise (and implied diet) he loses much of his weight. He has black jaw length hair usually kept in the neck and brown eyes. His attire as a prince consisted of a blue sleeveless robe and white pants along with a scarf with a white-yellow-and-blue triangular pattern. He also favoured a red hat, matching pearl necklace and other jewelry. As King, his attire is mostly the same but he dropped the hat, jewelry and replaced the robe with one with white sleeves.

Plot Overview

Michiru hired Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura, and Lee as ninja bodyguards. When he went to visit his ex-wife Amayo, she did not recognise him since he had got fat. When she finally realised who he was, Amayo stated that Michiru hadn't changed one bit and that he still didn't know what the most important thing was, when he suggested that he gave Amayo a fortress or the whole Land of the Moon. After Michiru returned to the Land of the Moon, he mourned the death of his father at the hands of Ishidate.

When the still loyal soldiers of the Land of the Moon, along with the ninja he hired, attempted to use boats to get help from other lands, Michiru was abducted by Shabadaba's men and ordered to be hanged. Hikaru, the circus artists and Team Kakashi reached him in time to save him from being executed. After Naruto had his leg petrified, Michiru helped him up but got hit by Ishidate's sharp rocks. Screaming from the pain, Hikaru gave him the courage to be brave enough to charge at Ishidate with Naruto's Crescent Moon Rasengan and kill him. During the credits, it is shown he is now exercising to lose his weight. As the king, while watching Naruto and the others leave, he comments to Hikaru that they should go see his mother.


  • Tsuki () means moon. Michiru (欠ける) means to wax, or to be full.
  • When he buys the Circus, he writes a check with a dollar sign, suggesting that his country doesn't use ryō.
  • It is suggested by his ex-wife that he was not as fat while they were still together.
  • In the English dubbing, his clan name is never revealed.

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