edit"Memories from the Day of Snow"
Memories from the Day of Snow
(雪の日の記憶, Yuki no Hi no Kioku)
Episode data
Previous "Shikadai's Doubts"
Episode Boruto #45 (Watch Online)
Next "Go! The Crest of Night Strategy"
Arc Byakuya Gang Arc
Japanese February 14, 2018
"Memories from the Day of Snow" (雪の日の記憶, Yuki no Hi no Kioku) is episode 45 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.


A protest against the Kaminarimon Company is held, over supposed exploitative practices. The Byakuya Gang is pleased with the growing turmoil in Konoha. Ryōgi confirms with Gekkō this is all ultimately for justice. Sai and Shikamaru report to Naruto the latest developments, and they speculate possible reasons and outcomes. Boruto goes check the situation with his friends. Shikadai acts detached from the situation when asked about it, confusing the others. Ryōgi thinks back to how he came to be part of the Byakuya Gang. One day, his father returned home fatally injured from a mission. When Ryōgi's mother tried to help, she was also killed in front of him. The assailant tried attacking Ryōgi, who tapped into his Ice Release abilities to stop him before passing out. When he woke up, Gekkō told him he killed the man who attacked him, and that the funeral for his parents was over. Gekkō offered to teach Ryōgi, who accepted the offer. Gekkō introduced Ryōgi to the Byakuya Gang, claiming it to be the real job he and his father did besides shinobi work. Gekkō claimed that he and Ryōgi's father began questioning their role as shinobi, tasked with only fulfilling missions as ordered by those above them, acting as pawns. Thinking back to his mother's words about his father helping people, Ryōgi decided to join the Byakuya Gang. Gekkō finds Ryōgi reminiscing the past, and notices the shōgi piece in his hand. Ryōgi says it's from a friend, and while Gekkō outwardly encourages him, once out of earshot, he says it soon won't matter anyway. Ryōgi meets with Shikadai to play shōgi, and they play until after dusk, with Shikadai beating him. Shikadai asks Ryōgi if he's with the Byakuya Gang, noting he knew the reputation of Katasuke's lab despite claiming to be a recent arrival, concluding he had to know that from casing the village. Ryōgi tries deflecting, but Shikadai points out the lamp Ryōgi brought to let them play after dark is on the list of stolen goods. Ryōgi reacts to the claim, and notices Shikadai tricked him into confirming his suspicion. Shikadai doesn't intend to turn him in, but wants him to stop. When Shikadai says he'll end up being someone else's pawn, Ryōgi gets angry. He says Shikadai doesn't understand him at all, and accuses Shikadai of not bothering trying to surpass himself in anything he does, not even trying to stop him from fleeing. Ryōgi leaves, and meets up with the rest of the Byakuya Gang. Gekkō says it's time to implement the final part of their plan.