Memorial Stone

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  • The Memorial Stone as depicted in the manga.
  • The Memorial Stone as depicted in the anime.

The Memorial Stone is a monument in Konohagakure that lists all of their ninja that were killed in action. In the manga it is shaped like a standard slab of stone, while in the anime it looks more like a kunai-shaped structure.

It is located near the Third Training Ground, where Team Hiruzen and Team 7 were known to have undertaken their first bell test. When Naruto remarked that he wanted to have his name added to the monument, Kakashi informed him of what it was for, prompting Naruto to change his mind.[1] Kakashi spends much of his free time at the monument because his former team-mate, Obito Uchiha's, name is engraved there. Hayate Gekkō and Iruka Umino's father's and mother's names are also listed.[2]



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