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(対面!!, Taimen!!)
Chapter Info
Volume The Joyous Village!! (#48)
Previous "The Final Gamble!!"
Chapter 443
Next "The Answer"
Arc Invasion of Pain Arc
Anime Naruto Shippūden #169
None in this Chapter
"Meeting!!" (対面!!, Taimen!!) is chapter 443 of the original Naruto manga.


The Deva Path is defeated. Naruto removes its chakra receivers to make sure it cannot be controlled remotely again and then uses one of them to confirm Nagato's location. The Konoha villagers are informed of Naruto's victory, some of which run into Naruto during their own search for Nagato. They offer to help him kill Nagato, but Naruto tells them not to. Despite all he has done, Nagato's death would not solve anything. They trust Naruto to figure out what to do with Nagato.

Facts about "Meeting!!"RDF feed
ArcInvasion of Pain Arc +
Chapter number443 +
English nameMeeting!! +
Kanji name対面!! +
MaintenanceMissing image +
NamesMeeting!! +, 対面!! + and Taimen!! +
Romaji nameTaimen!! +
Volume number48 +

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