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{| class="box fillnotice colored bordered innerbordered type-nav cell-align-center"
<!--| colspan=2 | Administrative Declaration regarding Images. Please [[Forum:Administrative Declaration|read it here.]].-->
! colspan=2 |'''INFOBOX ISSUES'''
| colspan=2 | Due to the MediaWiki upgrade many parts of the site will appear broken such as filterable lists. We do ask that you bear with us as the issues are addressed.
"Sorry for the trouble and thanks for your upgrade patience." - Wikia
! colspan=2 |
| colspan=2 |
|- class="ns-only ns-1 ns-3 ns-5 ns-110 ns-111"
! colspan=2 | ''The Narutopedia is not a Forum!''
|- class="ns-only ns-1 ns-3 ns-5 ns-110 ns-111"
| colspan=2 class="style-italic" | Please '''do not''' use the wiki as a forum. Any non-wiki related topics in the forums or talkpages will be deleted and people who abuse the system repeatedly will be blocked.
If you wish to post to forums find one of the many [ Forums naruto forums] around, we are not one.
|- class="ns-only ns-2 ns-3"
! colspan=2 | ''The Narutopedia is not a profile site!''
|- class="ns-only ns-2 ns-3"
| colspan=2 class="style-italic" |-->

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