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**Copyrighted|anyuse|Copyrighted free use
**Copyrighted|anyuse|Copyrighted free use
**Copyrighted|attribution|Copyrighted free use with attribution
**Copyrighted|attribution|Copyrighted free use with attribution
*Fair Use
**Fair use|film-poster|Film Posters
**Fair use|film-screenshot|Film Screenshots
**Fair use|tv-screenshot|TV Screenshots
**Fair use|video-screenshot|Other Video Screenshots
**Fair use|game-screenshot|Game Screenshots
**Fair use|dvd-cover|DVD Covers
**Fair use|game-cover|Game Covers
**Fair use|comic|Comic/Maga Scans/Captures
**Fair use|character|Character art or other images which depict a single character.
**Fair use|logo|Logos

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  • Creative Commons (CC)
    • CC|mod=sa|v=3.0|CC-by-sa Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
    • CC|mod=sa|v=3.0|self|CC-by-sa Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 - self
  • Public Domain (PD)
    • PD|Generic Public Domain
    • PD|self|Releasing own work
    • PD|old|Old/Expired Copyright
    • PD|openclipart|PD Image from the Open Clip Art Library
  • Free Software
    • FS|FAL|Free Art License (FAL)
    • FS|FAL|self|Free Art License (FAL) - self
    • FS|ART-2|Artistic-2
    • FS|ART-2|self|Artistic-2 - self
  • Copyrighted
    • Copyrighted|anyuse|Copyrighted free use
    • Copyrighted|attribution|Copyrighted free use with attribution
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