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Master Puppet
Game Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2
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The Master Puppet was the ultimate puppet of the Shirogane clan that appeared in Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2.


The Master Puppet was a sentient puppet created by the Shirogane clan using forbidden techniques. It was about to be revived with the five orbs during their rebellion, but the clan was squashed before they could do so. It was sealed, due to the destruction of the Shirogane clan, with three survivors, Ibushi, Menō, and Gandō, who were trying to find and use the five orbs to revive the Master Puppet.


According to Kankurō, the Master Puppet was powerful enough to destroy all five nations. The Master Puppet was capable of controlling living beings by possessing their body, and used this method to control Naruto. The master puppet also used this ability to control Ibushi, even after his death, stating that Ibushi had only enough time for this final use.

Master Puppet Brown Face

Master Puppet Brown Face.

In the initial battle, it displayed the ability to utilise the power of the spirit orbs to attack in a variety of manners including lightning strikes from above its opponent using its blue hand, energy orbs which home in on its enemy and explode on contact from its yellow hand, trails of explosions along the ground when slamming down its red hand and a large orange sword wielded in its green hand.

Master Puppet White Face

Master Puppet White Face.

After releasing the spirit orbs from its body, the Master Puppet continues to use their powers, as well as launching spiked mines from its brown face. After losing four of the spirit orbs and swapping to its white face, its power becomes more pronounced as it begins to use larger, more destructive attacks including spinning to create a blast of wind to throw off attacks, creating pillars of earth around it, swapping to one of its two bird-like heads and spewing dark purple energy whilst creating a vacuum with the spirit orb at its core to draw in targets as well as launching flash bombs.

At some point, it will use the pink spirit orb to create a repulsive force, keeping Naruto and the others from attacking while regenerating its entire health bar, although not restoring the broken spirit orbs. It is at this point it uses its most devastating attack. A jutsu formula appears on the floor and a barrier radiates from the Master Puppet. If it makes contact with a character, they will be frozen in place while it launches the spikes from its ring at them, impaling them from all directions before a launching its sword as the finishing blow. This is a guaranteed fatality to a character.

Plot Overview

The Master Puppet was alluded as its revival being the Shirogane clan's primary goal. However, right before encountering it, the Puppet revealed itself to be a sentient being, using its abilities to control the clan, and manipulate them into reviving it fully. It was eventually destroyed at the hands of Naruto, Shikamaru, and Neji.

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