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{{translation|'''Manipulated Tools'''|操具|Sōgu}} may refer to one of the [[bukijutsu]] techniques used by [[Tenten]]:
{{translation|'''Manipulated Tools'''|操具|Sōgu|engtv=Ninja Tools}} may refer to one of the [[bukijutsu]] techniques used by [[Tenten]]:
* [[Manipulated Tools: Attached Meteor]]
* '''[[Manipulated Tools: Binding Meteor]]'''
* [[Manipulated Tools: Deadly Spheres Strike]]
* '''[[Manipulated Tools: Blade Kick]]'''
* [[Manipulated Tools: Exploding Sphere]]
* '''[[Manipulated Tools: Deadly Spheres Strike]]'''
* [[Manipulated Tools: Floating Blade Wall]]
* '''[[Manipulated Tools: Exploding Sphere]]'''
* [[Manipulated Tools: Gigantic Iron Ball]]
* '''[[Manipulated Tools: Floating Blade Wall]]'''
* [[Manipulated Tools: Great Iron Lump]]
* '''[[Manipulated Tools: Gigantic Iron Ball]]'''
* [[Manipulated Tools: Heavenly Chain of Destruction]]
* '''[[Manipulated Tools: Great Iron Lump]]'''
* [[Manipulated Tools: Heavenly Steel Disaster]]
* '''[[Manipulated Tools: Heavenly Chain Disaster]]'''
* [[Manipulated Tools: One Thousand Blades Attack]]
* '''[[Manipulated Tools: Heavenly Steel Disaster]]'''
* [[Manipulated Tools: Spinning Swallow Show]]
* '''[[Manipulated Tools: One Thousand Blades Attack]]'''
* [[Manipulated Tools: Steel Needles Wild Flower]]
* '''[[Manipulated Tools: Spinning Swallow Show]]'''
* [[Manipulated Tools: Ten Thousand Wild Heavenly Blades]]
* '''[[Manipulated Tools: Steel Needles Wild Flower]]'''
* [[Manipulated Tools: Thousand Blades Attack Performance]]
* '''[[Manipulated Tools: Ten Thousand Wild Heavenly Blades]]'''
* [[Manipulated Tools: Weapon Gun]]
* '''[[Manipulated Tools: Thousand Blades Attack Performance]]'''

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Manipulated Tools (操具, Sōgu, English TV: Ninja Tools) may refer to one of the bukijutsu techniques used by Tenten:

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