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== See Also ==
== See Also ==
* [[Manipulated Tools: Exploding Sphere]]
* [[Manipulated Tools: Exploding Sphere]]
[[es:Armas Manipuladas: Agujas de Acero Flor Salvaje]]

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Manipulated Tools: Steel Needles Wild Flower
Kōshin Ranka
Kanji 操具・鋼針乱華
Rōmaji Sōgu: Kōshin Ranka
English games Ninja Tool: Needle Flower Blast
Game Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm
Appears in Game
Classification Ninjutsu, Shurikenjutsu
Class Offensive
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu

Using one of her smaller scrolls, Tenten summons several Exploding Spheres, which are scattered over the battlefield and then explode after a time firing out projectiles at the same time.

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