Manipulated Tools: Deadly Spheres Strike

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Manipulated Tools: Deadly Spheres Strike
Death Sphere Strike
Kanji 操具・死球撃
Rōmaji Sōgu: Shikyū Geki
English games Ninja Tool: Death Sphere Strike
Alternative names Concealed Weapon Technique: Manipulated Tool Deadly Spheres Strike (暗器術・操具死球撃, Ankijutsu: Sōgu Shikyū Geki)
Game Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2
Appears in Game
Classification Ninjutsu, Bukijutsu
Class Offensive, Defensive
Range Short-range
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu

Tenten pulls out a scroll and rotates it around herself. Many spiked metal balls burst forth from the scroll to strike any nearby opponents or discourage them from using close ranged attacks.


  • In baseball, "死球" (shikyū) refers to hit a batter by pitching a ball.

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