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Mai Kagetsu
花月舞 Kagetsu Mai
Anime Naruto Episode #186
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Female Female
  • Medicinal Herb Saleswomen

Mai Kagetsu (花月舞, Kagetsu Mai) is an medicinal herb seller and the youngest daughter of Tōbei Kagetsu.


Mai assisted her father Tōbei in faking his own death.


She cares deeply about her family and tries to help them.


Mai has oddly shaped chin-length brown hair and light blue eyes. She has a dot on the middle of her forehead.

Part I

Funeral Proxy Mission

Mai informs Fūta, Shino and Naruto that dinner is ready, and proceeds to join them at it. She panics as Shino manically starts to laugh, having eaten some food with a laughing drug in it. Later, when Tōbei makes his appearance at his own funeral, it is revelled for the rest of the family that Mai helped her father fake his death. This was done to unite the family, and try to make them happy as they once were.

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