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Magnet Ninja Art
Magnetic Ninja Arts
Kanji 磁石忍法
Rōmaji Jishaku Ninpō
Literal English Magnet Ninja Art
Anime Naruto Episode #189
Appears in Anime only
Classification Fighting Style, Ninjutsu
Class Offensive, Supplementary
Derived jutsu
Magnet Ninja Art: Electromagnetic Vision


This technique enables Jiga to magnetise anything he touches, thus fully manipulating objects at his discretion and allowing him a variety of attacks against his enemies. Jiga claims to be able to do this because of the great amount of iron he ingests. He can activate or deactivate his own body's magnetism, ensuring that he is not affected by his technique. The potential risk of his technique is exploited when Hinata Hyūga introduces an interfering electric current into his chakra, causing he himself to become a powerful magnet. In this state, he attracts a large quantity of iron sand to himself, and is forced into a vortex of sand and killed.


  • Though similar to Magnet Release Jiga actually gained this ability through ingesting iron when he was younger and as such is not a kekkei genkai but an unorthodox bodily adaptation.

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