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マギレ Magire
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Magire (マギレ, Magire) is an Anbu from Konohagakure.


Magire tends to end his sentences with the verbal quirk "that's all" (以上です, ijō desu).


Magire is described as having an intellectual appearance, with fair skin. His only defining characteristics are his attire, which consist of a white robe and a monocle.


Magire is a Medical-nin, and as such, possesses the abilities of his profession. He has shown skill in the utilisation of poison in combat, and it appears to be his specialty, having created unique, glass-bladed kunai to exploit his poisons. He is also skilled with antidotes, having created one to counteract his own poisons should they be used against him.


Magire possesses a fair amount of chakra. This is best seen when he took in the Tailed Beast Drug, and generated a Tailed Beast Cloak around his body; Magire's cloak had six-tails, and the amount of tails created by a user of the drug is dependent on the amount of chakra they possess.


Magire's only unique ninjutsu is the creation of unique light orbs, which he can fire off from any of his six-tails while utilising the Tailed Beast Drug. Just a single orb can cause a burning sensation, and Magire has shown the ability to fire them near incessantly.

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