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Sharingan Triple

A Sharingan with three tomoe.

A tomoe or the archaic writing tomoye () is a Japanese abstract shape, usually used as a necklace, (i.e. a swirl) that resembles a comma or the usual form of magatama. Tomoe are usually seen in a design of three known as mitsudomoe (三つ巴).

Instances of Use

Canon Uses

Non-canon Uses

  • The Kohaku clan's insignia is a futatsudomoe (tomoe in a design of two).
  • The Shirogane clan's insignia is a golden mitsudomoe.
  • In the anime, later depictions of Pakura's Scorch Release: Extremely Steaming Murder changed the flaming orbs into flaming tomoe shapes.[15]
  • In the anime, after the months long battle against the Ten-Tails, Hagoromo creates the nine tailed beasts and they are shown to be small creatures sleeping within tomoe that Hagoromo then absorbs into himself.[16]


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