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editMadam Shijimi Browse icon [1]
Tora and Madam Shijimi original
マダム・しじみ Madamu Shijimi
Manga Volume #2, Naruto Chapter #9
Anime Naruto Episode #6
Game Naruto: Konoha Ninpōchō
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game
Voice Actors
Birthdate Astrological Sign Capricorn December 24 Icon_-_Search.png
Gender Gender Female Female
  • Part I: 41
  • Part I: 146 cm
    1.46 m
    4.79 ft
    57.48 in
  • Part I: 59 kg
    130.073 lb
Blood type O

Madam Shijimi (マダム・しじみ, Madamu Shijimi) is the wife of the daimyō of the Land of Fire. Team Kakashi in Part I and Team Ebisu in Part II are assigned to find her lost cat, Tora, soon after becoming genin.

Appearance Edit

Madam Shijimi is a corpulent woman with dark brown hair that she keeps in three separate poofs. She wears pink lipstick, pink nail-polish and purple eyeshadow. She also wears many different coloured rings.

Personality Edit

She has been described as spendthrift, vain, and philanthropistic. She also loves her cat a lot, although the cat clearly does not share the same degree of affection to her.

Part I Edit

Prologue — Land of Waves Edit

She has a cat named Tora that runs away a lot and she hires Team 7 of Konoha to find Tora for her. Tora is later returned to her.

Part II Edit

Kazekage Rescue Mission Edit

In the anime, Tora runs away again and she hires Team Ebisu to catch her cat. Tora is captured once again and returned to her.

Video GamesEdit

Her character was further explored in Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles and she is portrayed as devious, dishonest, and unfair. She hired bandits to stage an attack against her Villa just so she can cover up the fact that her cat was the one who broke valuable treasures. She wanted to take advantage of Naruto's ignorance and lied to him saying that she favoured him after he helped found her cat last time. She also did not pay the bandits who she hired even though she promised them the money they needed to support their families. Since they failed their mission last time, she did not give them their due payment. She was a burden on Naruto and Shikamaru in the game.

Trivia Edit

  • "Shijimi" (蜆) is the Japanese name for the "basket clam", a clam that can be used as an ingredient for Japanese food like, for example, miso soup.

References Edit

  1. First Databook, page 121

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