edit"Love and Potato Chips!"
Love and Potato Chips
(恋とポテチ…!!, Koi to Potechi…!!)
Episode data
Previous "The Final Lesson!"
Episode Boruto #7 (Watch Online)
Next "The Dream's Revelation"
Arc Academy Entrance Arc
Japanese May 17, 2017
"Love and Potato Chips!" (恋とポテチ…!!, Koi to Potechi…!!) is episode 7 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.


Boruto eats with Shikadai, and sketches what the possessing spectre looked like to him. The two speculate why it's possessing people, its purpose, and why only Boruto can see it. Sarada complains about the boys to Chōchō and Sumire, but the conversation is cut short when Sumire gets a feeling that someone is spying on them. The three share their concerns with the other girls. The boys overhear them, but don't think it's related to the shadow spectre. The girls take an alley after Chōchō buys chips, and manage to capture their stalker. The boys hear screaming and rush there. Chōchō recognises their stalker as Magire Kakuremino, from another class. Shikadai checks with Boruto if he's possessed, and Boruto confirms he's not. They question why he's following Chōchō, but he reveals it's Sumire he's following, having a crush on her. Chōchō encourages Magire to confess his feelings to Sumire. He does, but Sumire rejects him, and he leaves hurt. During class, someone leaves a message to Sumire in the blackboard. Mituski asks around, and finds out Magire didn't go to class that day. Several notes for Sumire fall over the group, prompting them to watch over her. The boys and girls are separated by a metal wall in the Academy. The girls hide in a storage room, but someone knocks over smoke bombs. Sumire opens the door to clear the smoke, and gets separated from Chōchō and Sarada. Denki arrives, asking if she's ok, and gets knocked out by Magire. The boys reach them, and all of them get to Sumire and Magire on the roof. Boruto notices the shadow possessing Magire. Magire disguises himself and starts attacking. Chōchō admonishes his way of getting attention from Sumire, and tells him to better himself. She offers him chips. As he accepts them, the shadow leaves Magire, who breaks down crying. Magire gets gaunt and faints. The boys talk over food, speculating Magire got weaker due to chakra exhaustion. Shikamaru delivers Naruto a report suggesting the same. At night, Mitsuki communicates with someone about Boruto's findings.