Long Time No See: Jiraiya Returns!

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"Long Time No See: Jiraiya Returns!"
Episode 53
(あいやしばらく!エロ仙人登場!, Aiyashibaraku! Ero-sennin Tōjō!)
Episode data
Previous "Ebisu Returns: Naruto's Toughest Training Yet!"
Episode Naruto #53
Next "The Summoning Technique: Wisdom of the Toad Sage!"
Arc Chūnin Exam Arc
Manga Chapter #91, Chapter #92
Japanese October 8, 2003
English September 30, 2006
None in this Episode
Five Elements Unseal
None in this Episode
"Long Time No See: Jiraiya Returns!" (あいやしばらく!エロ仙人登場!, Aiyashibaraku! Ero-sennin Tōjō!) is episode 53 of the original Naruto anime.

Long Time No See: Jiraiya Returns! (あいやしばらく!エロ仙人登場!, Aiyashibaraku! Ero-sennin Tōjō!) is episode 53 of the original Naruto anime.


Ebisu is unconscious following Jiraiya's attack. Naruto attempts to wake him up using One Thousand Years of Death to no avail. Naruto then demands to know the identity of the odd attacker. Jiraiya introduces himself as the Toad Sage and the author of the Icha Icha novels. Naruto, recognising them as the same books Kakashi always reads, accurately concludes that Jiraiya's 'data gathering' was merely peeking in on the women's bath and angrily calls Jiraiya the 'Pervy Sage' instead. Naruto accuses Jiraiya of interrupting his training and tells him to take responsibly for his actions. Jiraiya refuses and leaves with Naruto chasing after him.

Naruto catches up with Jiraiya as the latter is being rejected and slapped by a woman. In response to Naruto's incessant pestering, Jiraiya traps the boy in a large jar and escapes again. Once outside of town, Jiraiya sits watching the clouds and dreams of sexy women. Naruto finds the Sage once again, and again Jiraiya attempts to lose him, this time with a Transformation Technique. The ploy fails, and Jiraiya seemingly acquiesces. He tells Naruto that before he will help him, Naruto must first bring him some ripe and curvy fruit. Naruto misses the insinuation entirely and rushes to buy Jiraiya some actual fruit. Meanwhile, Jiraiya spots a couple of cute girls and follows them back into town.

Jiraiya is making some headway impressing the two girls when Naruto arrives with a ripe and curvy watermelon ruining the Sage's chances. Jiraiya explains that what he actually needs is a babe for inspiration, so Naruto transforms using his Sexy Technique. Jiraiya is thoroughly impressed and tells Naruto he will train him, provided he remain in that form. Naruto returns to his original form disappointed, and Jiraiya proclaims himself a super pervert.

Jiraiya admits he was kidding, and under his supervision, Naruto resumes his water-walking practice. When he fails to stand on the water and falls in, Jiraiya laughs, and Naruto takes off his wet clothes in frustration. Jiraiya sees Naruto's Eight Trigrams Seal and recognises it as the work of the Fourth Hokage to seal the Nine Tails within Naruto. He also notices the additional Five Elements Seal that is preventing Naruto from efficiently controlling his two chakras. Jiraiya thinks the second seal must have been done by Orochimaru, and he removes the seal using the Five Elements Unseal. With this impediment removed, Naruto happily walks (and jumps) across the water.

Watching the ecstatic Naruto, Jiraiya thinks that it is time to teach the boy how to harness the Nine Tail's chakra. But before that, Jiraiya insists that they stop training for the day and head to the hot springs for a bath. Later that night, while Naruto sleeps, Jiraiya apologises to Ebisu for stealing his student. Ebisu agrees it is for the best and tell Jiraiya that, as a member of the Sannin, Jiraiya is one of the few people who can stop Orochimaru.


  • Naruto's efforts to track down Jiraiya are unique to the anime.
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AnimeNaruto: Original +
ArcChūnin Exam Arc +
English airdate30 September 2006 +
English nameLong Time No See: Jiraiya Returns! +
Episode number53 +
Japanese airdate8 October 2003 +
Kanji nameあいやしばらく!エロ仙人登場! +
Manga Chapter91 + and 92 +
NameLong Time No See: Jiraiya Returns! +
NamesLong Time No See: Jiraiya Returns! +, あいやしばらく!エロ仙人登場! + and Aiyashibaraku! Ero-sennin Tōjō! +
PictureEpisode 53 +
Romaji nameAiyashibaraku! Ero-sennin Tōjō! +

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