Logistical Support and Medical Division

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Logistical Support and Medical Division
Logistics and medical unit
Logistical Support and Medical Division (後方支援医療部隊, Kōhōshien Iryō Butai)
Manga Volume #55, Chapter #515
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #256
Appears in Anime, Manga
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The Logistical Support and Medical Division (後方支援医療部隊, Kōhōshien Iryō Butai) of the Allied Shinobi Forces is a group of medical-nin from five hidden villages that have been allied together in preparation for the Fourth Great Shinobi War, which is led by Shizune. Each member bears a distinctive supply bag on their back.


Upon its formation, Shizune informs the members of the division that Tonton is not to be eaten under any circumstance.[1] After they have all of the equipment they need they are mobilised with alongside the remainder of the Allied Shinobi Forces.[2] Per Shikaku Nara's revised battle-strategy, Shizune later separates her division in order to guarantee that medical-nin are evenly distributed amongst the other divisions to better attend to the wounded.[3]

File:Medic HQ.png

The medical division as well as the medical ninja from each division later regroups behind the armies' defensive line, setting up a station where injured or tired shinobi can recuperate. The compound's entrance was guarded by two Akimichi clan members at the entrance along with sensors who crossed-check the chakra of anyone entering the area with headquarters. Despite those precautions, a White Zetsu Army clone was able to infiltrate the base disguised as Neji Hyūga and assassinated at least five medics. Sakura Haruno uncovers the Zetsu's true identity, catches it when it tries to kill her too and warns headquarters about their ability.

File:Naruto arrives to the Medic Division.png

After the clone is uncovered, the whole compound is locked down with anyone who moved in the slightest considered an enemy as Shizune and Sakura conducted an autopsy on the clone that was captured with an Akimichi guarding them. After two transformed White Zetsu clones almost gain entry to the compound, one of Naruto Uzumaki's shadow clones arrive at the compound and with the help of the others, begin weeding out the disguised White Zetsu Army clones from within their midsts.


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