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Lizard Puppet
Lizard Puppet 01
Games Lizard Puppet
Game Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2
Appears in Game only

An S-rank puppet used by Ibushi. It is similar to Sanshōuo as it is based on a lizard and breathes fire. Its use was supposedly exclusive only for the top-ranking members of the Shirogane. The puppet was eventually destroyed by Naruto Uzumaki and Kakashi Hatake.

Abilities and Weapons

The lizard puppet did not possess much in the way of weaponry, but did display several abilities that no other puppet has shown. Fighting within a barrier, it displayed the ability to adhere to the vertical surfaces of this arena, and while doing so it can violently shake itself in order to cause objects to fall down on the enemy. Whether it can do so on normal walls is unknown. It has shown to be amphibious, swimming up to the boat in Rakan Lake and like all of Shirogane puppets, can seemingly fade into thin air and possesses a mechanism to project its user's voice. In terms of combat, its only weapon is a flame thrower installed in the mouth, but also attacks by spinning around to create a gust and spinning itself rapidly in midair for a strong rolling tackle.

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