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== See Also ==
== See Also ==
* [[Lightning Release Armour]]
* [[Lightning Release Chakra Mode]]
[[es:Ataque de Armadura de Rayo]]
[[id:Armor Serangan Petir]]

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Lightning Strike Armour
Lightning Strike Armour
Kanji 雷撃の鎧
Rōmaji Raigeki no Yoroi
Literal English Lightning Strike Armour
English anime Ninja Art: Thunder Armour
Anime Naruto Episode #157
Appears in Anime
Classification Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu
Class Offensive, Defensive
Range Short-range

By combining his twin swords at their hilts and rotating them, Raiga can use this technique to surround himself with electricity. The intense electric field protects him by electrocuting anyone who makes contact with it, but only works for one attack. This armour seems very strong as it is capable of standing up to Rock Lee's Drunken Fist.

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