Lightning Release: Purple Electricity

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editLightning Release: Purple Electricity [1]
Kanji 雷遁・紫電
Rōmaji Raiton: Shiden
Viz print media Lightning Style: Violet Bolt
Novel Kakashi Hiden: Lightning in the Icy Sky
Appears in Manga, Novel
Classification Ninjutsu
Class Offensive
Range Short to Mid range

The Lightning Release: Purple Electricity is a Lightning Release ninjutsu, created by Kakashi Hatake after his loss of the Sharingan following the Fourth Shinobi World War; which left him unable to properly use his signature Lightning Cutter technique.


The user unleashes a stream of purple electricity from his hand to attack targets from a distance. This technique was powerful enough to summon rain clouds when shot into the sky. Kakashi was also able to creatively allow this technique to flow through liquid such as spilled alcohol.


  • The term "shiden" is part of the idiom "shiden'issen" (紫電一閃, Literally meaning: violet electricity flash), which refers to a sword flash or a quick brandishing of a sword akin to lightning.


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