Legendary Stupid Brothers

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This is the article on the anime-only siblings. If you are looking for the article on the video-game technique, head to Wind God and Thunder God Technique.

Legendary Stupid Brothers
Legendary Stupid Brothers
Legendary Stupid Brothers (伝説のバカ兄弟, Densetsu no Bakakyōdai)
Anime Naruto Episode #142
Appears in Anime
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The Legendary Stupid Brothers are a pair of criminal ninja. The two are quite large and almost equally unintelligent (hence their name). Their strength is so immense that it has been compared to the raw might of Tsunade. Their thoughts revolve entirely around food, and the pursuit of it is all that motivates them. During a mission, they killed their comrades for food, then calmed down immediately after doing so. They were locked up after the incident. In reality, even the prison was incapable of containing them. It was the guards' control of their food supply that kept them in line. If they are hungry, they will often break through their cell door.

They caused trouble for Naruto and Team 10 after being tricked by Mizuki into causing a riot and escaping (having been told that Orochimaru has a feast arranged for them and would provide good food for them every day). They were eventually stopped by Tsunade. Both seemed to recognise her, and were scared into submission by her extreme strength, which was great enough to send even them flying with a single flick. She convinced them to return to the prison by telling them that they would not receive dinner if they didn't return quickly.


  • Their names are likely derived from the Shintō gods Fūjin and Raijin, two ogre-like gods of the wind and lightning, respectively.
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