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Leaf Style (木ノ葉流, Konoha-Ryū, Literally meaning: Tree Leaf Style) could refer to any of the following techniques used by shinobi of Konohagakure:

  • Dance of the Crescent Moon (三日月の舞, Mikazuki no Mai, Literally meaning: Dance of the Three Days' Moon), also known as Leaf-Style Dance of the Crescent Moon (木ノ葉流三日月の舞, Konoha-Ryū Mikazuki no Mai, Literally meaning: Tree Leaf-Style Dance of the Three Days' Moon), a technique used by Hayate Gekkō.
  • Human Bullet Tank (肉弾戦車, Nikudan Sensha), also known as Leaf-Style Taijutsu: Human Bullet Tank (木ノ葉流体術・肉弾戦車, Konoha-Ryū Taijutsu: Nikudan Sensha, Literally meaning: Tree Leaf-Style Body Technique: Human Bullet Tank), a technique used by Chōji Akimichi and Chōza Akimichi.
  • Leaf-Style Willow (木ノ葉流柳, Konoha-Ryū Yanagi, Literally meaning: Tree Leaf Style Willow), an anime-only technique used by Kosuke Maruboshi.
  • Leaf-Style Youth Exercise (Literally meaning: Tree Leaf-Style Youth Exercise), a game-only technique used by Might Guy.
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