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This is the article on the anime-only genjutsu used by Kosuke Maruboshi. For the taijutsu used by Kimimaro, head to Dance of the Willow.
Leaf-Style Willow
Kanji 木ノ葉流柳
Rōmaji Konoha-Ryū Yanagi
Literal English Tree Leaf-Style Willow
English anime Leaf Ninja Art: Yanagi
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #190
Appears in Anime
Classification Genjutsu, Kenjutsu
Class Offensive
Range Short-range

The user waves their sword back and forth, which when seen by the target locks them in a genjutsu which causes them to hallucinate multiple waving arms out to slash them. The movement resembles that of a willow tree blowing in the wind. With the enemy off guard, the user is free to cut them down.

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