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Small nation

An aerial view of the castle.

The Land of This (此の国, Ko no Kuni) is a small country neighbouring next to the Land of Fire and Land of Rivers. The country no longer exists after it was attacked by Akatsuki on a war mission. The country was then taken over by a larger nation.


Several shops within the castle town are mentioned to be famous, these include:

  • Ama-ama An, which sells bean jam cakes.
  • Gito Gito Tei, which makes very rich tasting ramen of high quality.
  • Neta Neta Sushi, which, as the name suggests, produces sushi.
  • Kemu Kemu-en, which deals in Gyū-Kaku-style yakiniku.


  • The daimyō of the country organises a food contest which consists of three phases. The local shops in the castle town provides the different courses for each phase.
  • This is the country that Sasori had conquered.
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