Land of Demons

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The Land of Demons (鬼の国, Oni no Kuni, English TV: Land of Ogres) is featured in Naruto: Shippūden the Movie. It is located two countries away from the Land of Swamps. The country's priestess, Shion, can predict someone's death and seal away demons. The demon Mōryō's spirit was imprisoned here. The techniques that are passed down in this country, such as the Shrine Seal and the Shadow Mirror Body Changing Method, seem to use hand seals that are completely different from the standard twelve.

Mōryō's Spirit Seal

File:Moryo Seal.jpg

A large stone building whose interior opens up into a seemingly natural cavern. Part of the Ghost Army is sealed within pits around the centre, not unlike the real life terracotta army in China. Numerous ropes with what appear to be paper seals hang around across the cavern. At its centre is a shrine like structure surrounded by five pillars, a large emblem made of light illuminating it from above.

Priestess' Compound

File:Priestess' Compound.jpg

A large building not unlike a temple compete with torii. It is where Shion seemingly lives, guarded by countless soldiers. In the event of attack, there is a secret passage leading from the back wall of the Priestess' room to a waterfall behind the compound, which then appears to go further through the waterfall to an unknown location.

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