LINE, performed by Sukima Switch (スキマスイッチ, Sukimasuitchi), is the eighteenth opening of Naruto: Shippūden. It began in episode 432 up until episode 458. It was replaced by Blood Circulator starting from episode 459 to 479.



"Sekkaku hareta kara" tte
Īwake o hitotsu hōri nage
Garēji kara ikioi makase tobidashita

Mokutekichi wa minami e
Fumikonde iku pedaru wa umi no hō
Chizu nante minai
Kimerareta yō na rūto wa iya

Dareka no wadachi wa ashi ga torarete komaru

Isshinfuran ni egaku icchokusen rain wa
Boku ni shika mirenai panorama e tsuzuku
Konma ni-byō no mirai e ima o kirihiraite ike!

Tonikaku koge


ガレージから勢い任せ 飛び出した






Throwing out a single excuse that "It's finally nice outside!"
I dashed from the garage, relying on my momentum.

My destination is the south, the pedals I drive into are heading toward the sea.
I don't look at a map - I don't want any destinations that seems predetermined.
My feet will only get stuck in someone else's rut...!

This straight line that I draw with all of my heart.
Continues on to a panorama that only I can see.
So I'll cut on through this moment.
Heading for a future 0.2 seconds away!

For now, all I can do is peddle!


The characters in order of appearance:


  • This is the second song by Sukima Switch in the Naruto media. The first song was "Star Vessel".
  • This is the third opening to feature footage from the anime, the others being "Namikaze Satellite" and "Silhouette".
  • While switching off each male character, Kabuto, in Sage Mode, can be seen without his navel snake.
  • There are four different versions of this opening:
    • In the first version, Naruto is seen capturing the crystal light with one hand, staring at it, and then looking up as a gust of wind blows by.
    • In the second version, Sasuke replaces Naruto, swiping his hand to the right to catch the light, then looking up.
    • In the third version, Sakura replaces Sasuke, capturing the light in both hands, holding it close to her face, and then swiping her hands downward. Additionally, after this version debuts, during the moment where Sakura is reflecting on Naruto and Sasuke, her eyes are soon to be closed before she cries instead of open.
    • In the fourth version, Itachi replaces Sakura, releasing the light from his hand after capturing it and letting it fly towards the screen; this also coincided with the beginning of Itachi Shinden Book: Light and Darkness.

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