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editKyodaigumo browse_icon.png
(巨大蜘蛛, Kyodaigumo)
Manga Chapter #194
Anime Naruto Episode #116
Game Naruto: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! 4
Appears in Anime, Manga and Game
Gender Gender Female Female
Species Spider

Kyodaigumo (巨大蜘蛛, Kyodaigumo, Literally meaning: Giant Spider) is a giant spider and the personal summon of Kidōmaru.


Kyodaigumo is a gigantic black spider with orange stripes going down the back of its abdomen. It greatly resembles a tarantula.


Once summoned, Kyodaigumo can quickly release an egg sac full of baby spiders roughly the size of a small dog. To perform Rain of Spiders, Kidōmaru then cuts open the sac, causing the rapidly hatched spiders to rain down on his opponent. The spiders will spin a strand of webbing as they fall, circling the opponent in webbing and sticking them to the ground. These spiders converge on their victim's location, ensnaring their victims in spiderwebs, cutting off the victim's exits and restricting their movements until the victim is completely encased in a cocoon. Kyodaigumo can also explode into webbing if hit.

Part I

Sasuke Retrieval Arc

Kyodaigumo was summoned into battle against Neji Hyūga by Kidōmaru. Immediately after being summoned, Kyodaigumo releases an egg sac which Kidōmaru slices open, releasing hundreds of baby spiders to attack Neji. After these assaults fail however, Kyodaigumo attacks Neji directly but it is defeated by Neji's Gentle Fist technique which causes it to explode into webbing. This webbing however successfully binds Neji's movements leaving him open to an attack from Kidōmaru.

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