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Kanji 鎖鎌
Rōmaji Kusarigama
Literal English Chain-Sickle
Manga Volume #9, Chapter #73
Anime Naruto Episode #43
Movie Naruto 5: Blood Prison
Game Naruto Shippūden: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! EX
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie

A kusarigama is a traditional Japanese weapon consisting of a sickle attached to a chain. It may be used to attack opponents, or to incapacitate them with the chain. Some skilled kusarigama users can even steal their opponents' weapons. Tenten used it as a projectile in her Twin Rising Dragons technique, while Jiga magnetises it with his Magnet Ninja Art to steal opponents' weapons. Hanzō is noted to be a very skilled user of the kusarigama, which he has drenched in poison to further increase its lethality. Unusually, he tended to deliver strikes by swinging the sickle with the chain, rather than simply employing the weighted end, which is generally considered to be the most effective manner.

Types of Kusarigama

  • There are apparently different sizes of kusarigama as the one employed by Hanzō appeared to be about a metre long while the one used by Tenten, as well as the one used by one of the shinobi attacking Black Zetsu during the Fourth Shinobi World War,[1] appeared to be about one-fourth that length.
  • An unnamed Konohagakure shinobi used an unusual one against Pain's Deva Path in the manga, as this one was fully compactable so that it could easily be carried about his person. Both the weapon's blade and handle were collapsible, with each comprising from two and three individual sections respectively.[2] However, in the anime, this weapon was instead replaced by a similarly compactable kama.[3]
  • During the Chūnin Exams, one of the weapons Tenten used in her battle against Temari mainly resembled a standard kusarigama, but had a smaller kama serving as the fundō (weight). This may be an example of the Okinawan version of the weapon, which sometimes consists of two sickles joined together. [4]
  • Hidan's Triple-Bladed Scythe has a long metal cable attached to it, and the way he uses it is similar to a kusarigama.


  • Curiously, though traditionally ninja weapons, in the weapons arsenal of the samurai of the Land of Iron, kusarigama were seen hanging on a wall.[5]


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