Kurosuki Family
Black Tornado Preparation
Kurosuki Family (黒鋤ファミリー, Kurosuki Famirī, Literally meaning: Kurosuki Family)
Anime Naruto Episode #152
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The Kurosuki Family (黒鋤ファミリー, Kurosuki Famirī) was a criminal gang that was formed by Raiga Kurosuki (one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist) and Ranmaru. The newest and most eager member was Karashi. He was also the biggest coward of them all.


According to Karashi, what Raiga did when he took over the control over the Katabami Gold Mine village was to kick the evil people out and set the villagers free.[1] However, what he did was force the villagers to work for them in a nearby goldmine. The gang ensured everyone followed Raiga's orders, and those who disobeyed were buried alive.

When the clan got into a fight with Naruto Uzumaki and Team Guy who had been sent to save the village, all the members fought, except for Karashi who ran away immediately when danger came. The first fight with them occurred when they tried to bury Rokusuke alive. After the first fight with Raiga, Karashi helped them in ambushing Naruto and Team Guy where the members were defeated by the ninja. Following Raiga's death and the defection of Karashi and Ranmaru, it can be assumed that the Kurosuki Family is disbanded.

Equipment and Abilities

All members were armed with gloves with retractable tekkō kagi blades. With the blades out, the members were able to use the Black Tornado technique.


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