Kurenai's Decision: Team 8 Left Behind

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edit"Kurenai's Decision: Team 8 Left Behind"
Kurenai's Decision Squad 8 Left Behind
(紅の決断 とり残された第8班, Kurenai no Ketsudan, Torinokosareta Daihappan)
Episode data
Previous "The Top 5 Ninja Battles!"
Episode Naruto #203
Next "Yakumo's Sealed Power"
Arc Yakumo Kurama Rescue Mission
Japanese October 5, 2006
English November 15, 2008
"Kurenai's Decision: Team 8 Left Behind" (紅の決断 とり残された第8班, Kurenai no Ketsudan, Torinokosareta Daihappan) is episode 203 of the original Naruto anime.


Naruto encounters a girl named Yakumo, who, by painting a picture of Konoha, causes lightning to strike the Academy. Shortly thereafter, Kurenai Yūhi resigns as leader of Team 8, and Naruto is determined to find out why. Later that night, Naruto — disguised as Kurenai — goes into Yakumo's mansion and discovers a room full of Yakumo's paintings. He escapes after one of the paintings nearly kills him, and is confronted by Anbu security, who tranquillise him.

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