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This is the article on the shinobi clan. If you are looking for the article on the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, head to Kurama. For other uses, see Kurama (disambiguation).
Kurama Clan
Kurama Symbol
(鞍馬一族, Kurama Ichizoku)
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Kekkei Genkai
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Exclusive to the anime, the Kurama clan (鞍馬一族, Kurama Ichizoku) is a clan of extremely skilled genjutsu users. They were originally one of the more prominent clans in Konohagakure, with their unnamed kekkei genkai considered on par with that of the Uchiha clan in terms of power, according to Third Hokage, but the number of ninja in the clan has severely dwindled in the past few generations, with very few becomming Jōnin despite their great profficiency with genjutsu.

Aside from a mansion inside of Konohagakure, the main branch of the clan also had another one situated within the nearby forrest, in which Yakumo lived after her parents death.


Their talent in genjutsu is due to the Kekkei Genkai that the clan possesses. However, once every few generations, a member of the clan will be born with such enormous skill in genjutsu that their illusions causes the brain to make anything that happens to the victim within the genjutsu physically real, allowing the clan member to potentially kill their opponents with genjutsu.

Such frightening power is not without its drawbacks, however. The user can rarely control the full extent of their abilities, and as such their subconscious will often regulate that power, leading to the creation of a second personality in control of that power. This personality then overwhelms the original, turning the individual into a monster that is a danger to everyone around them. Members without this frigthening ability tends to use Genjutsu based around plants.

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