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{{translation|'''Kunihisa'''|クニヒサ|Kunihisa}} is a spoiled son of a rich jeweller [[Kunijirō]].
{{translation|'''Kunihisa'''|クニヒサ|Kunihisa}} is the spoiled son of rich jeweler [[Kunijirō]].
== Pre-Shippūden Arcs ==
== Pre-Shippūden Arcs ==

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Kunihisa newshot
クニヒサ Kunihisa
Anime Naruto Episode #174
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male

Kunihisa (クニヒサ, Kunihisa) is the spoiled son of rich jeweler Kunijirō.

Pre-Shippūden Arcs

File:Impossible! Celebrity Ninja Art Money Style Jutsu!.JPG

He dreamt of becoming a ninja so his father went to his friend Tsunade looking for help. Tsunade directed Naruto to "play" ninja with Kunihisa. Kunihisa used what he called his "Money Release" ninjutsu, which was really only using fake hand signs, such as "alligator" or "bunny ears", and having his greedy bodyguards rush to his aid. Naruto soon grew tired of Kunihisa's spoiled attitude and the way he treated his bodyguards. Naruto argued that Kunihisa could not solve everything with money but the young boy would not listen. When two kidnappers named Shinayakana and Fukuyokana targeted Kunihisa, they used the money Kunihisa had wastefully tossed aside to buy his bodyguard's loyalty. Naruto managed to escape with Kunihisa and the boys faced a situation where Kunihisa had to overcome his fear. Naruto was in trouble, but Kunihisa overcame his fear and selfishness moved and saved him. While Naruto and Kunihisa evaded falling into the dark gorge, Shinayakana, Fukuyokana, and those they paid to help them weren't so lucky.

They then returned to Konohagakure with Kunihisa having a better attitude towards life. Kunihisa thanked Naruto and asked him to visit in the future.

Facts about "Kunihisa"RDF feed
Appears inAnime +
Debut anime174 +
GenderMale +
LoyaltyLand of Fire +
NameKunihisa +
ParentKunijirō +
PictureKunihisa newshot +
SpeciesHuman +
StatusAlive +
Voice ActorsSakiko Uran + and Kari Wahlgren +

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