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{{translation|'''Korobi'''|コロビ|Korobi}} is a ninja from [[Sunagakure]].
{{translation|'''Korobi'''|コロビ|Korobi}} is a shinobi from [[Sunagakure]].
== Personality ==
== Personality ==

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コロビ Korobi
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #182
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male


Korobi (コロビ, Korobi) is a shinobi from Sunagakure.


He is shown to be cowardly and wimpy around Gaara, due to him formally being a murderous maniac. He later befriends Gaara, forming one of Gaara's very first friendships.


Like his partner Yaoki, Korobi specialises in the use of puppets. He carries a certain type of puppets able to spew out water.

Part II

Konoha History Arc

When Konoha and Suna start to get along again, Korobi is assigned to a team with Gaara in order to take out a group of bandits located between Suna and Konoha, which Team 7 was also assigned to. He is very afraid of Gaara at the beginning, unable to forget what Gaara used to be like.

When Gaara is caught in a trap by the Suna Assassin Captain, he tells Korobi and Yaoki to get away. Naruto runs into them, learning that Gaara was captured and asks them why they abandoned their friend. Korobi and Yaoki both wonder if Gaara is their friend. Korobi and Yaoki both burst dramatically onto the scene, announcing that Gaara is their friend and they're sorry they left him. They then assist Naruto in rescuing Gaara. After their mission is finished, Gaara asks Korobi and Yaoki to repeat what they said and they happily say they're his friends.


  • Korobi (打者) means 'batter'.
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Appears inAnime +
Debut anime402 +
GenderMale +
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SpeciesHuman +
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Voice ActorsHiroto Torihata + and Todd Haberkorn +

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