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  • The first Konoha Hospital.
  • The re-built Konoha Hospital.

The Konoha Hospital (木ノ葉病院, Konoha Byōin, Literally meaning: Leaf Hospital) serves the medical needs of ninja and other villagers in Konohagakure. Though the staff is skilled enough to treat most basic ailments, Tsunade and other more advanced medical-nin must step in to assist with severe injuries. Security for the hospital is apparently lax, as Gaara is able to get into Rock Lee's room to try and kill him and Naruto managed to sneak out and get ramen. During Pain's assault on the village, the hospital is overwhelmed by the number of casualties caused by Pain. It was also destroyed by Pain's Shinra Tensei. The kanji for "medicine" or "healing" (, ishi) is printed on the front of the building.

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