Konoha Crush…!!

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"Konoha Crush…!!"
Chapter 116
(木ノ葉崩し…!!, Konoha Kuzushi…!!, Viz: Operation Destroy Konoha…!!)
Chapter Info
Volume The Chūnin Exams, Concluded…!! (#13)
Previous "The Chūnin Exams, Concluded…!!"
Chapter Naruto #116
Next "The Mission Given…!!"
Arc Konoha Crush (Arc)
Anime Naruto #68
"Konoha Crush…!!" (木ノ葉崩し…!!, Konoha Kuzushi…!!, Viz: Operation Destroy Konoha…!!) is chapter 116 of the original Naruto manga.


Sunagakure ninja begin invading Konoha, and Konoha's forces respond accordingly. In the Chūnin Exams stadium, the conscious Konoha ninja, despite wishing to try and help the Third Hokage in his fight with Orochimaru, engage the few Otogakure ninja that managed to infiltrate the village earlier. Since Sakura is also awake, Kakashi protects her. He instructs her to wake up Naruto and Shikamaru so that can take part in a mission vital to the village. Meanwhile, Orochimaru is elated that he finally has an opportunity to kill the Third Hokage. The two prepare to fight.

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