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  • The Konoha Aviary.
  • Inside the Aviary.

The Konoha Aviary is a building in Konohagakure where messenger birds such as hawks deliver messages, and also rest after delivery. They work very closely with the Konoha Cryptanalysis Team, and these messages that these birds transport are also received and dispatched from here. The aviary is a circular building built into the top of a tall tree with a spiral staircase. It consists of multiple bird cages lining the walls where the birds stay. It also has a long brown table in the middle, a circular platform on the ground where the ninja can sit while waiting for a message to arrive, and in the front is a U-shaped platform where the birds perch hen they arrive at the aviary.

The aviary was destroyed during the invasion of Pain. Following the invasion, the team temporarily set up underneath a canopy, where a member received the letter demanding a Kage Summit.[1]



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