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コクヨウ Kokuyō
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #235
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Kokuyō (コクヨウ, Kokuyō) is a puppeteer who violently sought the hand of Shizuka in marriage even though she spurned his advances in order to rule the Nadeshiko Village.


From all indications, Kokuyō was a selfish man that didn't want to marry out of love but instead to gain power. He was also shown to be a relentless individual, but is willing to bide his time, making a plan which battling against Shizuka ninety-nine times with different puppets so he could use a technique to bring her in against her will.


Kokuyō has long brown hair that framed his angular face and dark eyes. He wears square-rimmed glasses, a light pink shirt with a purple waistcoat over it, a pair of white trousers and brown shoes.


He is a puppeteer who utilises the Puppet Technique to control his robot-like puppets. He utilises the Hundred Puppet Soul Binding, an elaborate technique that drove "bolts" into his opponents each time they destroyed his puppet. After destroying the hundredth puppet, he gained the ability to control the target in a similar manner to the Puppet Performance: Skilful Achievement with a Human Body technique albeit forcefully.

Part II

Adventures at Sea Arc

Roaring Hurricane Kick

Kokuyō's ninety-nineth puppet is destroyed by Shizuka.

Kokuyō made his début seemingly catching up with Shizuka and her attendant Tokiwa. Declaring that he would win her hand in marriage, his puppet is however destroyed by Shizuka using her Nadeshiko-Style Hardliner Revolving Cut. He is subsequently sent flying away due to the explosion.

He later interrupts Shizuka's match with Naruto Uzumaki, capturing her with an even larger puppet robot. After Shizuka destroys the hundredth puppet, his Hundred Puppet Soul Binding technique is activated and he explains what the technique does as he takes control of Shizuka's body. Naruto, however, easily cuts his chakra threads and sends him flying using the Rasengan.

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