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[[Clan Media Only::Anime| ]]

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Kohaku Clan
Kohaku Symbol
Appears in Anime only

The Kohaku clan was a shinobi clan that had a village near the border of the Land of Fire to that of Amegakure. This village was one of many villages that was attacked by Furido's 4-Man Team, and all villagers subsequently massacred.

The deceased members of this clan were later revived as zombies by their killers and used in Furido's attack on Konohagakure.

Despite having their own village, the clan was also seen to be affiliated with Konoha, since one of their revived members were seen wearing a Konoha flak jacket. The members had the symbol of black futatsudomoe (double tomoe shaped like yin and yang) tattoed on their upper arm with two lines going around it.


  • Kohaku (琥珀) means amber.
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