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Knight Sword
  • The Knight Sword's extension joints.
  • The Knight Sword focusing gelel energy.
Kanji ナイトソード
Rōmaji Naitosōdo
Literal English Knight Sword
Movie Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel
Appears in Movie

The Knight Sword is Temujin's personal sword. Its normal appearance is that of a European-style short sword typically depicted being used by knights, however the sword's blade can extend, thus becoming a full-length broadsword. Other than using the sword as-is, Temujin can channel gelel energy into the sword, drastically increasing his attack range and allowing him to perform various techniques with it, such as Raging Thunder.

Temujin can also convert the Gelel energy into a beam of light, sending a signal to Haido's warship.

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