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{{DEFAULTSORT:Maboroshi, Kisuke's wife}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Maboroshi, Kisuke's wife}}
[[es:Esposa de Kisuke]]

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Kisuke's wife
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #193
Appears in Anime
Gender Gender Female Female
Status Deceased

She was a villager of Konohagakure.


She was murdered inside her own home while her husband Kisuke Maboroshi was away. Their house was subsequently set on fire while her body was still inside. It was later revealed that it was Sabiru who had killed her.


She seemed to really like flowers, her favourite being tulips which she kept in the house. According to Kisuke, she was a kind and cheerful individual.


Her appearance included her purple hair in a bun with two short locks of hair falling over her forehead. She also wore a traditional kimono-type dress.

Part II

Konoha History Arc

When Kisuke's soul visited the remains of his home, he found a single tulip growing amongst the rubble. This memory allowed him to regain his memories when he was alive, when he battled Sabiru until his wife. When her husband died again, he joined her in the afterlife.

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