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キララ Kirara
Anime Boruto Episode #77
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Kirara (キララ, Kirara) is an artificial human, hailing from Iwagakure.


Kirara is a well-mannered girl as seen when she greeted Kū with a curtsy.


Kirara is a young girl with pale skin and shoulder-length platinum blonde hair. She has purple makeup on her eyelids. When Kirara opens her eyes, she has pupilless glowing purple irides. Her appearance is visually like a gothic lolita, wearing an elegant purple dress with frills from her hem with a black hat-like ribbon on her head, and long boot-style shinobi sandals. Kirara also carries a matching handbag and a parasol. Like her cohorts, the lower half of her face, arms, and legs are covered with bandages.


Kirara is a capable genjutsu user, being able to take complete control over Yurito. Her prowess is held in high regard by her allies, surprised if anyone is able to dispel her illusions. By making eye-contact with a person, she can see through the emotional nature behind someone, letting her see if someone is being distrustful or not.[1]

New Era

Mitsuki's Disappearance Arc

Main article: Mitsuki's Disappearance Arc Kirara appeared alongside her allies Sekiei and Kokuyō when they were leading Mitsuki to the Land of Earth. She went ahead on her own after her genjutsu on Yurito was broken. As the group made their way to the Land of Earth, Kirara separated from the group to meet with their leader . Later, after Kū abducted the Fourth Tsuchikage, Kokuyō return seeking help for the weakening Sekiei. She and Kakō joined him to help. Midway, they found Mitsuki approaching them while carrying Sekiei. While Kirara and the others grew suspicious of Mitsuki, Sekiei vouched for Mitsuki, insisting that the young boy truly came of his own free will to learn who he really is.


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