Kinkaku's Jinchūriki Forms

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After eating some of the flesh from the stomach of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox: Kurama, Kinkaku, like his brother Ginkaku became "pseudo-jinchūriki" and gained abilities similar to those of a normal jinchūriki of the fox would have.

Version 2

Kinkaku's Jinchuriki Transformation

Kinkaku's 'Version 2' form.

While enraged, Kinkaku can access a massive amount of Kurama's chakra stored within him, enough to enter a more muscular six-tailed version of Naruto Uzumaki's Version 2 forms. However due to the fact that the brothers only have a portion of the chakra and not the beast itself within them, unlike Naruto's six-tailed form, it lacks the fox's skeletal structure and Kinkaku retains his consciousness.[1]

The power displayed by Kinkaku when he was in this form revolved mainly around its abnormally long middle tail. With it he could smash entire cliffs to pieces and agitate the ocean enough to create waves. Defensively the cloak can block a torrent of kunai and explosive tags, Darui's Double Black Panther technique, and a wave of Fire Release, Water Release, and Earth Release attacks, deflect Chōji Akimichi's Human Bullet Tank, and break out of the Shadow Imitation Technique.[2][3]

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