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Cone dust release

Ōnoki using his kekkei tōta: Dust Release.

Kekkei tōta (血継淘汰, Literally meaning: a selection of blood inheritance" or "Bloodline Selection) is an advanced and very rare form of a kekkei genkai. The only known example is Dust Release or Particle Style, a combination of three different nature transformations - earth, wind, and fire. According to the 4th Raikage (A) " Kekkei Tōta is a considerably higher level than the Kekkei Genkai."


  • It's possible that these techniques are not genetic, as Ōnoki stated that his master, , passed the secrets of Dust Release on to him,[1] though it is unknown whether the two share any familial relations.


  1. Naruto chapter 525, page 16
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