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editKawarama Senju Browse icon [1]
千手瓦間 Senju Kawarama
Manga Volume #65, Chapter #624
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #368
Appears in Anime, Manga
Gender Gender Male Male
  • Part II: 7
Status Deceased

Kawarama Senju (千手瓦間, Senju Kawarama) was a young shinobi from the Senju clan. he was also the son of Butsuma Senju, the younger brother of Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju, and Itama Senju.


During the war-torn era before the creation of the shinobi villages, Kawarama was one of the many young shinobi who were put on the battlefield to fight and later would become another casualty of the ever-waging battles. When a part of Kawarama's body was retrieved, it was buried alongside other fallen comrades, in a coffin etched with the Senju symbol on it. His brothers Hashirama, Tobirama, and Itama Senju mourned the loss of their brother, with Hashirama claiming that Kawarama had died a pointless death and at such a young age. This greatly angered their father Butsuma, who hit Hashirama and told him that Kawarama had died as a true shinobi.[2]


Kawarama was a young boy with a head of bushy, light-coloured hair, dark eyes, and eyebrows. He also had an x-shaped scar on the right side of his face. He wore a simple attire consisting of a dark-coloured shirt, and light-coloured haori with dark-coloured trimmings over it.


  • Kawarama (瓦間) is a Japanese word referring to the space between two roof tiles.


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