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Katabami Kinzan2

The entrance to the Katabami Gold Mine.

The Katabami Gold Mine (カタバミ金山, Katabami Kinzan) is a mining town located in the Land of Rivers that took ore and processed it into gold. Because the previous government leaders imposed high taxes on the workers, the people were, at first, glad when Raiga Kurosuki came and overthrew them. However, Raiga held funerals for people, burying them alive if they went against him or if he did not like them. He cried and told his memories of the people during the funerals as if he really would miss them.

Naruto Uzumaki, Rock Lee, Tenten, and Neji Hyūga were sent there to help. Karashi, the son of Sanshō, joined Raiga to try and become stronger. After Raiga died, Karashi went back to live with Sanshō and help her make curry.

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